What to Expect

Knowledge is fun


Thank you for considering Shagly pet photography to capture beautiful images of your pet.

The photo sessions are modeled after a fun relaxing day of playing with your pet.

While we are doing all of their favorite things and in a beautiful location there are a few things that YOU can do to make sure the session goes wonderfully!


In this guide you will hopefully find all kinds of useful information, if you have any questions please ask.

I look forward to meeting you!


Prepare for your Session

Pro Tip: Don’t pull hard on the leash it will make the fur around their neck look unnatural and it’s hard to fix that choking look.

Expressions and Interactions

I have never had a pet show up worried about how their fur looks when they smile.

Somehow they always know how to have fun and look great in every situation. This is something that is much harder for people to accomplish. I guarantee if you just concentrate on having fun with your pet you will forget all about the camera and have a great time!

Get Comfortable

You will notice I spend the entire session on the ground at your pet’s level. If you would like to join us on the ground I would suggest sitting on one hip with your legs to the side. This tends to be flattering,  whereas kneeling makes your legs disappear and squatting is only flattering in the gym.


This is one of the quickest and easiest way to make every photo look a little better. If it helps

feel free to laugh at all the weird noises I make and watching me army crawl my way

throughout the session. A pleasant and relaxed facial expression is the secret to a

great family photo.  

Check your Hands

When in doubt pet your dog. They will love it and it’s great way to reset when you don't

know what to do with your hands.

Pro Tip: Try to avoid tight grips and clenched fingers it never looks good in photos. A relaxed and gentle grip always looks better.

The Toys the Treats and The Squeaks

With every toy treat or squeak I may only get one chance to get the reaction I

want so please let me control the roll out of new stimuli. I never want to waste

a reaction on them looking the wrong direction or in an unflattering location.

On Location

At your Home

If you have ever watched a show about selling your house you have a good base to work from for the photo shoot at your home. Picking up clutter anywhere we may be shooting like the main living spaces and bedrooms or anywhere the pets hang out provides the best opportunity for beautiful photos. Open up all the windows drapes and curtains to let in as much natural light as possible. We may also move some furniture to maximize where the natural light falls.

This includes the yard we will spend a fair amount of time out there so it’s best if it’s picked up and poop scooped.  

At the Park

Sessions are often at a nearby park, a spot that holds meaning to you or one of my big list of beautiful dog friendly places. I use shade heavily in my photos, so if you are suggesting a park

please make sure it has some shade. I have locations in the heart of the city all the way out to

the country so just let me know the look you want for your photos and we can provide something that will fit perfectly. Busy places can be hard so it’s best to plan for sessions when there will be less of a crowd.

Consider which environments will be best for your pet, if they are reactive or dog aggressive

let me know as there special secluded places we can go and have the whole place to ourselves.

Magic Hour

I always schedule my photo sessions in the first two or last two hours of the day as that is when

light is most flattering. The long shadows and soft light you get at this time are perfect for taking beautiful vibrant photos.

The Weather

You know the weather here can be tricky and can turn on a dime. I always try to be just as

flexible. Ideally, we want to avoid rain, heavy overcast, too hot or cold and unsafe driving conditions. If we are getting that patchy rain fall, we  sometimes get, I can work around it. It would be better to reschedule to a beautiful day where everything will look its best!  It is your decision.

*In the case of an emergency session all of this goes out the window and I will reschedule heaven and earth to get you beautiful photos ASAP.

After the Session

Behind the Scenes

I will take all of the photos from your dog’s session and cull them down to the best of the best.Those photos are edited taking out the stray hairs, leashes, blemishes and slobber turning them into beautiful distraction free photos. Those photos are then edited for color and clarity and boom... a gallery is born.

The Gallery

Within two weeks of your session, we’ll schedule your in home ordering session. A link will be provided to your gallery at that time. Feel free to show your family and friends and start to narrow down your favorites. Look for the little heart on your photo and start sorting them out!

The Ordering Session

During the ordering session I will put lay out samples of canvas, prints and coffee table books for you to touch and feel. We can measure all the spots you are considering placing a canvas, and we can go over your list of favorites. I can help you narrow down what goes where and make sure you get the most out of all of your photos.

If you are ordering an album, I can send you a copy for your approval. I love feedback so

give me all of your suggestions!

Production usually takes 3-4 weeks, but can be rushed for a small fee. Once I have received

and inspected everything, I will set up a time for delivery. I get to watch as you unwrap lasting memories.  Priceless!

Make Room on the Wall

It is never to early to start thinking about the type of products that complement your home.

Whether it is a large wall portrait a smaller grouping of photos or a coffee table book. I can work the session to make sure we have more than you ever imagined.

The Fine Print


After the photo session is finished,  we will plan a time to sit down together and go over all of your photos and I will guide you through all of my offerings and help you find the perfect prints and packages for you. I ask that all decision makers are present at the meeting.  When needed orders can be taken over the phone or online.

All Forms of Payment are Accepted

I accept cash, check, and all credit cards. The full session fee is due at or before the session.

Prints and products chosen during the ordering session do require a deposit, but payment

plans are an option. All products will be delivered once the order is paid in full.


All images, original and processed, remain the sole property of Shagly Photography,

LLC. It is illegal to copy or reproduce any photographs, either physically or digitally,

without permission. Violators of this federal law will be subject to its civil and criminal

penalties. No images taken by Shagly Photography may be used in contests or for commercial

purposes without written consent.