Puppies from St.Clouds Rescue

Well here they are as promised a puppy stampede. St.Clouds Rescue got Marlow from Alabama with the help of several people willing to driver her a little bit at a time. Once she got here they went to have her spayed and found out she was pregnant with 5 puppies. So they decided to let her have the puppies. Well when she was late giving birth they had her checked again turns out there were 12 puppies. EEK! Unfortunately 2 of the puppies did not make it but they were blessed with 10 adorable puppies and here they are. For more information about the puppies check HERE.


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  • Orlando PuppiesAugust 3, 2010 - 10:15 pm

    Oww…That is so sweet!>_< Id like my baby girl (3 month shih tzu pup) to have a photo shoot like that on her first birthday….Love it!

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