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I often say that my dream job is photographing rescue animals, so I thank every client that hires me for allowing to live out that dream! Animal rescue has been close to my heart from the very beginning. Working with adoptable animals taught me so many valuable lessons that I still use every day. Things like how to handle animals, how to make the most of any location, but most importantly they showed me how much love they have to give!


I focus almost all of my creativity into showing the beauty of the rescue animal. I try to break the stereotype of rescue animals as broken or ugly with every photo I take. I want to show the world how wonderful rescue animals really are.


My motto for rescue is always whatever you need. So if you have adoptable dogs that need photos, please let me know. I try to fill all of my free time working with rescues big and small. I always have projects that needs models and I like to use adoptable animals almost exclusively.

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