Pug-O-Ween 2010 – DFW Pug Rescue

Well to say that DFW Pug Rescues Pug-O-Ween is an amazing event would be an understatement. With record attendance of 960 people this year and a near endless supply of pugs in hilarious costumes whats not to love! Something new this year as where the Pug Races and let me tell you they were funny. Most of the races went like this. One pug outruns everyone only to stop just short of the finish line and turn and head the other direction. Or in one instance turned and high tailed it into the crowd which created an entirely different race to catch the wild pug.

I just want to thank DFW Pug Rescue for putting on this wonderful event and all the great work they do to save pugs every day. If you have ever considered a pug please check them out you will not be disappointed!

To see all of the Pugs in costume go HERE.


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