DFW Pug Rescue-Pugapalooza

I love all things Pug and I especially love all things Pug Rescue so DFW Pug Rescues Pugapalooza is like Christmas for me! This year was extra fun for us as we found ourselves dog sitting our sister in-laws pug Pugsy so we got to show her a really good time!!! I don’t think she had ever seen so many dogs in her life so hundreds of dogs that look just like her must have blown her mind! As for usual or pug Frankie who is apparently afraid of grills did not enjoy the cook out but everyone else there did. We were also able to get one of the best snow we have had yet this year from the enticed mobile shaved ice truck.

I would like to bring special attention to one of my Pugs Kingston who won 1st place in the kissing contest which gives him back to back wins in kissing! It would appear that he has not let it go to his head but its fun to have a tiny little metal chest for him! All in all it was a wonderful event that raised some good money to fund DFW Pug Rescue and I hear 8 dogs got adopted at the event!! Word on the street is that DFW Pug Rescue will be having a Pug fashion contest next I will let you know when I get more information. If you would like to see the all the photos that I took at the event they can be found in the Shagly Photography Galleries.




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