Sweet Bella

I am a huge fan of rescue. I give time, money, photos and most importantly I temporarily foster dogs in need of a temporary home! My most recent foster, Bella was recently adopted. She came really close to becoming my first foster failure. I almost failed with her, because as you have probably noticed, I love bulldogs. That is except for one major problem– bulldogs do not handle heat well. Unfortunately that means my bulldog Cooper can’t go to many events with me.

Bella is the most durable bulldog I have met. She can go anywhere, loves everyone, and has this really funny personality that always makes us laugh. I get asked all the time if it’s hard to foster. I always reply, “I always try to find my foster’s even better homes than I can give.” I firmly believe that every dog I have fostered has become the center of attention in their new homes, and possibly even changes the lives of their new adopted families!

So, for me fostering gives me this fabulous warm feeling, and helps me get excited about my next foster! Bella went to a family, who I am just certain will shower her will love and be her forever home. Even though I also loved her and enjoyed having her in my life, she now has her own wonderful family. I am sure she will make them smile every day!

Thank you St.Clouds Rescue for allowing me to foster such wonderful dogs for you!


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  • ErinApril 2, 2012 - 3:25 pm

    miss bella <3

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