DFW Pug Rescue – Pugapalooza 2013

It’s no secret that I love Pugs and DFW Pug Rescue. They do such a wonderful job not only rescuing pugs but bringing people together to support their wonderful cause! This years Pugapalooza had perfect pug weather; a hair cold for people but the pugs loved it!

This year we scored big in the silent auction. I won a new pug shirt and my wife won two adorable, hand stitched pug pot holders. We really enjoyed some of the new events they added this year. The best one was the Clean Your Plate contest. If you don’t know, pugs are chow hounds and looooove to eat! This event consisted of a little squirt of whipped cream on a plate and a race to clean it off! Let me tell you, hilarity ensued!

I will say that the highlight of this years Pugapalooza was that we ran into one of our foster pugs, Miss Puggie, who is now named Maggie. She was just as sweet and lovable as I remember and her family had nothing but sweet, wonderful things to say about her! She is really living the good life!! It was a wonderful reminder for me how important it is to do anything we can to help with rescue not only changes the world for the dog but the people as well!

If you’re thinking to yourself that these pug events sound like a hoot or you just dig the idea of helping rescues raise money. Then come see me taking photos at Woof in Plano on March 30th. If you want to see some pugs dressed to the nines then don’t miss Project Pugway on April 13th. That is DFW Pug Rescue’s fashion show and you can’t imagine the outfits pug fashionista’s come dressed in! For more information on all things pug, check out DFWpugs.com. To see more pictures, visit my Pugapalooza photo gallery here at shagly.com/events.



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