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Where will you photograph my pet?

Anywhere a pet can be comfortable. In your home, at the park, stables or choose from the beautiful pet friendly places I have available. What is most important is that your pet is ready to have a good time.

What makes Shagly Photography special?

In one word...shenanigans and my ability to connect with your pet. Before I begin I spend some time just getting to know your pet as best as possible. From then on I try to catch the fun of your pet in a big play session. You are always welcome to join in on the fun.

What if I want me, my family, my other pet[s], or a marching band in the pictures?

No problem (well maybe the marching band). The first two pets are included and there is a $25 charge for each additional pet. Humans are welcome and encouraged to sit in on a few of the pictures at no charge. You should allow a bit more time depending on how many pets are in the session.

Can we get our photos on drive?

Web and Print Resolution digital photos are available on a drive or individually.

What if my pet won't behave?

I hear this all the time and I wear liver flavored cologne! But really your pet is more cooperative than you think. I know a few tricks to get your pet to relax and have fun, plus I have a boat load of patience and a small bag of treats. I still have not found a pet that we can't photograph. That is the beauty of lifestyle photography I just have to wait for them to be themselves and be there to take the photo.

How long is a Normal Session

Usually an hour and a half or until I am sure I have the photos I know you will want. It really depends on the pet and their mood. I never rush you or your pet. I take plenty of breaks for water, snuggling, playing and sniffing. Often you can see your pictures within a week, but it takes about 2 weeks before the prints are ready to order, which we can rush for special occasions.


I'm ready to book a session, what should I do?

Contact me to schedule a time that works for you.

Then head over to What to Expect and fill your head with knowledge!

We are always happy to find a time that works for you and your pet.

I love finding new fun ways to make your pet happy

and to make you smile!

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