Frankie is the tough guy in the house! He loves to boss big dogs around even though he is a huge baby. I think we will always refer to him as baby puggie no matter how old he gets. When we got Frankie his name was Champ and he was a gift to a families children for winning a tennis tournament. After a few months of ownership they took him to Stonebriar Veterinary Clinic where my sister in law Dr. Mensik is a vet and asked if she knew of anyone that would adopt him. Well needless to say it only took one cellphone picture and we had ourselves baby Frank!

Frankie is responsible for overseeing all the work that gets done here at Shagly photography (by oversee I mean he is always in my lap no matter what I am doing) He really is a good helper most of the time but he does a great job of making sure I don’t work to hard by hopping up on my desk and sitting right in between me and my computer and gives me his saddest Pug faces. It really is adorable and it melts me every time he does it! I like to say that any spelling or grammatical errors I make on my blog are Frankie’s fault because he is the supervisor.



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