Kingston was our first Pug that we got because A. my wife always wanted a Pug (which is weird because she grew up with St.Bernards so I was sure we were getting one from St.Clouds Rescue which shows how much I know!) When we got Kingston he was just a puppy and he bonded to my wife right away. He loves to go to work with her and he follows her all over the house its really adorable. One of my favorite features of Kingston is that when you sit anywhere in the house he will figure out a way to lay behind your head. It can be on a pillow or the top of the couch it doesn’t matter he just has to be up near your head.

I like to refer to Kingston as my happy face pug because when ever I go to do photos of him he always has the biggest smile!! Which is very convenient when your trying to get a good photo! Another big plus is that he loves to wear cloths. All you have to do is open his dresser drawer and he goes ape and starts hopping around! When he has cloths on he likes to strut around the house showing off.

When you see Kingston out at events don’t take any offense to him shying away from you it just takes him a second to warm up. It does help that his brother Frankie is super friendly and always breaks the ice for him! So when you see them out together play with Frankie and Kingston will come (unless of course you are a child in which case he will admire you from afar)!

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