Animal Welfare Groups

Animal Welfare Groups

The Benefit

Rescue High project is the result of the past ten years of working closely with many animal welfare groups. It was crafted to raise awareness for rescued animals needing forever homes, while raising much needed funds to help as many animals as possible.
Each animal welfare group partnering Rescue High will receive half of the $50 session fee for the 100 pets scheduled on their day. That means when we arrive in their city, the animal welfare group will receive a check for $2,500 on the day of the event (we are anticipating all available time slots will be filled).
After the photo sessions have been completed for the day, the 100 paying pets and any VIP pets will be entered on a voting page that allows friends and family to pay $1 to cast a vote for their favorite pet. They can vote as many times as they like. The winning pet will receive its "Most Likely to" and a 1/4-page photo in the final copy of the Rescue High yearbook. The winner from each animal welfare group will go up against each other for the chance to be Rescue High National Prom Homecoming King and Queen and Valedictorian.
Every $1 goes directly to your animal welfare group!
Rescue High project will be filming a documentary alongside the project to help raise awareness in the future! Your animal welfare group will be featured as part of the project.

Your Help

We will need a few things from each animal welfare group we partner with. This ensures everything goes as smooth as possible in raising as much awareness and money as possible!
  • A prepared email explaining Rescue High will be provided for you to send out to all of your contacts. This will give them a chance to secure a spot before we post it for everyone.
  • You know your city the best, so we will need help finding the location for the session. We would love it if we can partner with someone that also supports your group. It will need a 15x15 private area that allows pets for the photo studio. Examples are pet stores or boarding facilities. It would be amazing to have other activities occurring during the photo sessions such as an adoptable dog event.
  • We will need 3 volunteers for the day of the event.
    • To check people and their pets in at the event.
    • To enter the pets name on the photos as they're taken.
    • To hold the leashes of the pets as they're photographed.


  • An introduction to any influencers whose pet’s inclusion with Rescue High will help increase the voting in the contests.
  • Help with media connections in your city will be greatly appreciated!
  • A list of rescue friendly businesses that we can reach out to about hanging an event poster in their window.
  • Since there is a documentary being filmed of Rescue High and we would love to include some information about your group. We would need someone to speak for your organization.

Mark Nardecchia will be available for additional event fundraisers such as cocktail events where he can speak about animal welfare while he is in town.
There will be another fundraiser around the release of Rescue High's Yearbook with book signings and documentary screenings.
There will also be additional opportunities to continue raising money for your group for years to come.

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100% of net proceeds will save dogs' lives.