How did you come up with the idea?


I had come across the number of 3,300,000 million dogs go into rescue each year. I knew that I wanted to do something that could help people wrap their heads around that number. So I started looking at what is a number I could handle. That's how we settled on 3,300 or .1% of the dogs that go into rescue each year. From there it was figuring out what could hold that many pets and not be crazy. Then the idea of the yearbook came to me and it was the perfect way to show off thousands of pets and to have fun doing it!


How do you pick the Rescues?


We will be searching each city for qualified animal welfare groups to include in the project. We find those by a mix of referrals and the good work they are doing.


How do you pick the dates of the photo sessions?


Once we have the rescues for a city lined up we be putting up dates we will be coming to your city and we will open up the calendar for people to secure their time slots. We will be working with the groups to pick the best days for that city.


What happens when I enroll?


We will ask you a series of questions like what is your pet most likely to do. We will be collecting a story about them such as something funny or unique they do. A cute nickname or something you love about them. You will be asked to sign model release form so that we can use the photo in the book. Then once your paid up we lock your spot in the book. We will then send you some reminders about your session as it gets closer.


Is there anything I should do to prepare for the photo session?


I always suggest you give them a bath a few days before the session. This gives it time for their coat to settle. Same with grooming plan to have them groomed a few days before the session. I would suggest you practice sit stay with them a bit before the session.


Can they wear cloths in the photo?


Of course, although I would suggest trying it on them before the session so that they get a chance to get used to the outfit. Practice will make the session day go much more smoothly. You want to make sure they are comfortable in the outfit. So practice is key just keep putting them in it until they get used to it.


How will you get all those pets behave for the camera?


I have 10+ years experience working exclusively with pets so I have a big bag of tricks to get keep them interested in me. I know how to make a connection with pets in a very short period of time to really draw out their personality. I am also using LED lights instead of strobe lights to cut down on anxiety during the session. I have really spent a lot of time trying to design a set up that fun and easy for the pet to enjoy!


How do the session days work?


Each session day will be pre booked with 100 people. We will be working fast so it's helpful if you know what to expect. We will be booking with 30 minute groups so aim for your groups start time but if you a little late that's ok. As you arrive we will have someone checking people in and getting them into the que. We will be asking people to hand write their favorite story or something funny there pet does while they wait.


Once its your turn a volunteer that has been trained in leash handling will lead your pet into the studio room. You follow them in and stand directly behind the photographer. This will help him get the dogs attention. Please don’t try to get the dogs attention yourself just let the photographer try first and if he needs your help he will ask for it. This makes sure we don’t waste a cute look when he isn’t ready. Once they have the photo you are all done!


How much will it all cost?


The photo session is $50 of which $25 goes directly to the rescue. We will collect the $50 to secure your spot of the session day. It is non refundable and if you need to cancel just let us know so that we can find a replacement.


Can I buy prints of the photo?


Prints will be offered in similar school photo fashion. Exp. Wallets, 5x7 and 8x10’s in several different packages. There are options for digital prints as well. All the money from the prints goes towards our continual work photographing rescues to help them find homes faster.


Will this be a real yearbook?


We have tried to stick close to the classic yearbook formula. We will be filling in all the pets photos with there names down the side. In the middle of the book we will be filling in the school photos with behind the scenes photos of the volunteers and honoring the people that work so hard to save animals! We will have special sections for Prom, Homecoming and Valedictorian and Salutatorian. The back of the book which is normally for people to sign the yearbook will be filled in with a selection of the hand written stories we collect over the tour. It will all be leather bound and wrapped up just like you remember.


How will you raise 1 million dollars?


This is one of the main reasons for visiting so many cities. Each pet from a session day will go into a voting system against the 99 pets photographed that day. It will cost 1 dollar for 1 vote and you can vote as much as you like. The goal is to share it and get all of your friends to vote. The winners will have their “Most Likely To” listed in the book. If someone is really running away with the votes they will be moved into a national category competing for Rescue High’s American Prom Homecoming King and Queen, or perhaps Valedictorian or Salutatorian. Those winners will get special themed photo sessions to say thank you for all the money raised for their rescues! Working with thousands of wonderful rescue lovers across America really makes small donations add up fast! Examples of "Most LIkely to"


How will the money be divided?


I wanted a project that could help on the local level of each city I go to. So each animal welfare group I go to gets the money from their session day. So the day we show up to take the photographs we will have a check for the sessions with us.Then once the photos are done they will also get the money from the voting for that day.


What if your not coming to my city is there anything I can do to help?


Of course tell your friends and a share the site. Every aspect of this project was designed to help as many pets as possible so. Wether its sharing it with friends, voting on cute pets in other cities or buying the book when it comes out just know that every little bit helps! Plus if enough people from a specific city ask real nice I may bring the tour to you!


What's with all the cameras at the events.


There is a documentary film crew following the project around and collecting rescue stories from people. They will be showing off all the wonderful work that each animal welfare group does. So if you feel comfortable in front of the camera or have a great story about your pet then let us know and we will get it on film!

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