Mac :: My Foster Bulldog!

      Well before my blog gets completely overrun with puppies I wanted to tell everyone how excited I am that my foster bulldog Mac found a great home this week. Mac was a breeding stud that the breeder had decided to dump at the North Richland Hills animal shelter. When I picked him up with St. Clouds Rescue he was a mess he had infections everywhere. We took him strait to see Dr. Mensik at Stonebriar Veterinary Centre. We then found out he had entropion and needed eye surgery which we did.

    So after all of that and some quality time in a cone Mac really started to warm up to us and had a real fun sense of humor. For example when we would take him for walks he would continually side swipe you and take a leg out then move over to the other side and do it again. Then he would look up at you with this big adorable grin and you could not help but laugh at him!

I loved him and will miss him but I know he has an amazing new family and will spend the rest of his life being pampered and loved.


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