Everyone say hello and happy birthday to Jake who tuned 14 this week! Jake is a Great Dane-Lab mix rescue that has spent his whole life traveling the world doing charity work with his mother. On the day of Jake’s photo session I was a little worried about the weather a storm was threating and it was really overcast. But about half way threw the session the clouds parted for the first time that day and the sun came out(yippee). On a personal not this session was really exciting for me because it was used to fill a short promo video about me and what I do to give people a better idea of how the session will go. And lucky for everyone the guys over at Talia Productions that shot the video loved working with Jake so much they have decied to offer their services as part of an up coming Shagly Photography Package. So be on the look out for a new website better designed to handle all the great videos we will be sharing! 



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