Krewe of Barkus 2011

I love Krewe of Barkus 1. Becuase its just a lot of fun and everyone goes all out and 2. Because its in my city and I really get a chance to feel how supportive Mckinney can be to dogs. Now I can only hope that some day we manage to get a dog park as well! This years Krewe of Barkus was particularly nice as it was just beautiful out! It was also extra special for me because I got to bring my new foster girl bulldog Bella (soon to be available threw St.Clouds Rescue) out for the first time. She did amazing meeting all the new dogs and people and really got along with everyone really well. Its good to know that even though she is only 7 months old that who ever had her first did a good job socalizing her. I am not possitve what this years parade theme was but I would guess by all the sherrifs, wagons and indians that it was a western Texas theme. As I was waiting for the parade to get under way I managed to pick out a photo spot right next to Beth who is responsible for a blog all about Downtown Mckinney called On the Square. Its a great site and really informative about all things downtown and Beth is really nice to so everyone should check it out!



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