Three Dog Bakery-Easter Begg Hunt

Well as you may have noticed spring has sprung which brings with it a bounty of events in the beautiful weather. This weekend was no exception, so for the rest of the week I will be featuring photos from this weekends events.  I will start off with a first time event for me but one I will make sure to never miss from now on. The Three Dog Bakery Easter Begg Hunt at the Three Dog Bakery store in Southlake. This event was a total blast and we brought the perfect dogs for it. See there are 2 rules at the Easter Begg Hunt 1.The dog has to touch the egg with its nose 2. If the dog doesnt touch it with its nose the human must get down on the ground and touch it with their nose. Well as it turns out Bella our Foster Bulldog is really curious and just ran around sniffing every egg.  It might help that she has really short legs so she was on egg level as well. The rest of the photos from this event are in Shagly Photography Galleries.


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