Fair Park Dog Bowl

The Dog Bowl in Fair Park is just a spectacular event where they open up the feild of the cotton bowl for off-leash dog park fun! Now I can understand if you find this hard to imagine but its really amazing when your walking down the tunnel out onto the feild and your eyes adust to the light transition and you relise you have never seen so many dogs running free! I think the funniest part of the day was off and on through out we would see this wacky fawn great dane just barreling threw the crowd and jumping around being rediculouse it was hard not to refer to him as Marmiduke you could tell he was just having a grand ole time. I few times I watched him leap over other dogs as he was running and I think if someone put him up to it he could have leaped over a person as well! Check out the Shagly Photography Galleries to see if your dog past in front of my camera!

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