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Hi i’m Mark Nardecchia

In my 10 years of professional dog photography I have photographed 1,000s of rescued dogs. I wanted to come up with a project that would address two problems I have found in my years of working with rescues.

  • Rescues need two types of photos from me. Photos of happy dogs to get them adopted really fast, but photos of sad dogs raise money. Now I know that rescues need to raise money to keep the lights on and get dogs adopted fast. I believe that dogs can be happy and help raise money as well!
  • I often come across people that use the fact that their dog was rescued to explain away any quarks or weird traits they have. On one hand I am proud of them for rescuing their pet and on the other hand they are telling people that rescued pets are broken.


So this project was born out of the desire to show beautiful, happy rescued animals, raise money so that animal rescues can continue their wonderful work, and try to change the narrative that rescued dogs are in some way inherently broken or inferior to dogs purchased from a breeder.

I want people to be proud of their adopted dog!

12 Months

In an effort to show off beautiful adopted pets across america we are taking on school year to travel the country and photograph 3,300 previously adopted pets and creating a true rescue dog yearbook!

We will be coming to 17 cities to photograph our 3,300 pets. We will be scheduling back to back 4 hour events on Saturday and Sunday in each city. In that time we can photograph 100 pets per day. Which over the coarse of the year will get us the 3,300 pets we need. 

Animal Welfare Groups

We are teaming up with all types of animal welfare groups across the country. This allows us to show off and support all the great work local groups are doing. I want to make sure that all the money we raised goes right to the areas that need it most!

Most likely to 

give you side eye!

3,300 Adopted Animals

Why 3,300 you ask? Well, 3,300 is ONLY .1% of the ASPCA shelters yearly average of 3.3 million dogs that enter rescues each year. The goal is to photograph a representation of the .1% of the 3.3 million beautiful adopted animals. This will visually quantify for people just how many dogs need homes every year to stop euthanasia! The hope is that we can break through to our communities and change the habit of unnessarly buying dogs from breeders and having people look to adopting from rescue orginizations first! 



Like all things Shagly does we will be photographing an adoptable pet for each pet we photograph for the project! That means not only will we show off thousands of adopted pets but we will help thousands more find homes fast! 

Love notes!

Throughout the project we will be collecting hand written notes from everyone. We want to know what you love about your rescue dog, something funny they do or your favorite story about them. We will be filling out the pages of the yearbook where people would normally sign it with these stories and notes!

$1,000,000 Donated to Animal Welfare Groups!

A total Rescue High project donation amount is projected at 1 Million benefittiong local sponsoring animal welfare and rescue organizations across the country.

Cost of one pet session is $50, half goes directly to that days sponsoring animal welfare group. I intend to photograph 100 pets per day which will raise $2,500 benefiting the sponsoring rescue per day.

Throughout the project we will be holding fun contests. For example we are giving each participating animal welfare group a “most likely to” that we will be auctioned off at a $1 vote. So be thinking about what your pet is most likely to do!

The hope is to collect a hand full of influencers per rescue to help push up the vote numbers we would need to get over the $1 million mark. There are also so special money raising plans for pitting our top influencers against each other for Prom King and Queen, Homecoming King and Queen and Valedictorian and Salutatorian. All of thie money generated from these contest goes directly to the rescues, foundations and groups associated with the project.

Most likely to

smother you to death!

1 Yearbook

Once the school year comes to an end.  We will take our 3,300+ pet student photos and lay them out in rows. We will be taking behind the scenes photos of the volunteers and rescues and will feature them as the lifestyle portion of the yearbook. Then we will take a selection of all the hand written stories we collect and fill in the signature portion of the book with those. This will give us a complete book filled with thousands of beautiful adopted dogs and the people that helped them find those homes!



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This means for every client pet I photograph I will photograph a beautiful rescue animal!