DFW Pug Rescue-Pug Love Fun Run

When I heard about the DFW Pug Rescue Pug Love Fun Run I was excited for another chance to hang out with pugs but I could have done without the Run part. Well as it would turn out there was an option for walk and it was a blast. A few days before the event I decided that we should try and find leg warmers for our boys because it made me giggle every time I thought about it. So we tracked down some fluffy baby socks and made some leg warmers for the boys. Which would have been even funnier if we could have gotten them to stay on more than 5 minutes but O well it made me laugh!

The walk was really fun because we kept meeting new people along the way and then the people that where out for their normal runs where blown away by all the pugs. So after one small wrong turn which worked out because we happened on a really fun old log that made for some cute photos. We made it back to the finish line where everyone was mingling eating snacks and bidding on the silent auction. We got really luck because in the auction where 2 car harnesses, and since we take our boys with us all over the place we figured that was a wise purchase. It helped that I was just recently talking with some Beth Bowers of Power to the Pawz about the unimportance of keeping your dogs away from the airbags in your car as even a minor fender bender can be deadly for them if the air bag goes off!

After all of the mingling we wondered over to the dog park next door and discovered that’s where everyone was heading after the event. This is when it got even more fun just watching 30+ pugs running free, playing and making the dog park just a little bit noisier.  One of the highlights of being at the dog park with everyone was I got to meet Wheelie a puppy mill rescue that will never be able to walk but has more spirit than you can imagine and like most handicapped you would be surprised what she can do!

You can see all the photos from the event in the Shagly Photography Galleries.

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