Easter Begg Hunt – Three Dog Bakery Southlake

Anyone who says Three Dog Bakery doesn’t know how to give back to their customers has never been to the Easter Begg Hunt in Southlake! What’s more fun that watching pets hunt for eggs filled with dog treats, coupons and prizes for their owner?

The only rule was that the egg had to be touched by a nose. It didn’t matter if it was the owner’s nose or the dog’s nose. It just had to be touched by a nose! So for me, the magic happened when owners got down at dog level and start sniffing out eggs!

This year, I brought my pugs Kingston and Frankie. Both excellent egg hunters, but neither was able to track down one of the elusive gold or silver eggs containing things like a year supply of CBD treats! Visit this website to learn more information here about CBD products for dogs. Oh well…we got more than enough treats and coupons to make up for it. We will definitely be back again next year.

My second favorite feature was an unexpected after event mastiff cool down, which happened when a hot mastiff decided that the fountain was a far cooler place to be than in the park! One mastiff in the fountain meant that everyone else joined in for some splashy wet fur fun!

Finally we recommend you to read this article from Augusta Free Press that says CBD oil that is designed specifically for pets will work in a similar way that it does for human beings, click here on laweekly.com to see it. It is formulated to help your dog with symptoms like pain, nausea, inflammation, vomiting, seizures, and anxiety.

You can find all the fun photos I took at the Easter Begg Hunt in the Shagly pet photography events galleries.


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